Anguilla FAQ’s

Why is Anguilla Special?


…just thinking about this British Caribbean island calms your mind and lifts your spirits. Safe and welcoming. Upscale yet unpretentious. Only 16 miles long and just exactly enough of a step off the beaten path. Claim your spot on any of Anguilla’s 33

spectacular beaches. Toes sink into silken white sands while turquoise waters soothe

away your cares. Explore underwater wonders. Hop a boat and play castaway on a

nearby cay. Take an eight-minute flight or 20-minute ferry ride from St. Martin, or a 60-minute flight from Puerto Rico to get here. The laid-back luxury is unblemished by casinos or cruise ships, so it feels like your own secret hideaway. Combine perfect weather with friendly people and mouth-watering sea-to-table restaurants. Add in world-class golf and spas, a vibrant music and art scene, and plenty of surf and turf recreation for all ages.

We’ve heard that Anguilla is a very good island for investment? How so?

Anguilla offers several advantages for property investment:

Political stability

  • Anguilla’s legal and institutional framework is modern, practical, flexible and efficient.
  • The country’s role as an offshore finance centre is supported by the international community.
  • United Kingdom overseas territory with a democratic, military-less form of government.

Economic Stability and Reduced Taxes

  • Low fees and no income, corporate, inheritance or sales tax;
  • No currency exchange controls;
  • Statutory guarantees against the imposition of taxes.

Easier Property Management

  • English is the official language.
  • Completely reliable notary and Public Registry system.
  • Judicial and economic security, and public safety.

Expanding Real Estate Sector

  • Major number of new developments oriented towards all social classes.
  • Highly desirable location, paired with good architectural quality and solid construction.
  • Spectacular increase in the demand of properties by foreign investors.
  • Ideal country to retire to, and in which to live, invest or to simply spend a few weeks of vacation and rest.

World Class Tourism Facilities and Projects

  • Developing upscale tourism market.
  • Tax exemption.
  • Great opportunities for tapping into unexplored tourist resources.

What is community life like in Anguilla?

As a developing nation, Anguilla’s community life is expanding rapidly. The island enjoys world-class telecommunications services and a growing infrastructure that includes public and private physicians, internationally accredited medical and dental facilities as well as public and private educational institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

There are many social and sporting clubs and events as well as activities for the entire family that enhance the quality of life on Anguilla. A world class golf club, tennis facilities, a sailing school, dance and theatre groups, music programs, book clubs, continuing education classes, fine arts programs, beautification and environmental clubs, charity groups, Rotary Club, swimming programs, fitness centres, spa and wellness facilities, civic clubs, organized sports leagues (cricket, soccer, basketball, baseball, netball, volleyball) as well as a number of church groups will certainly provide interesting fun-filled activities for you and your family.

In addition, Anguilla’s proximity to its neighboring islands allows residents to enjoy day trips to St. Martin, Sint Maarten and St. Barths.