Anguilla FAQ’s

Why is Anguilla Special?


…just thinking about this British Caribbean island calms your mind and lifts your spirits. Safe and welcoming. Upscale yet unpretentious. Only 16 miles long and just exactly enough of a step off the beaten path. Claim your spot on any of Anguilla’s 33

spectacular beaches. Toes sink into silken white sands while turquoise waters soothe

away your cares. Explore underwater wonders. Hop a boat and play castaway on a

nearby cay. Take an eight-minute flight or 20-minute ferry ride from St. Martin, or a 60-minute flight from Puerto Rico to get here. The laid-back luxury is unblemished by casinos or cruise ships, so it feels like your own secret hideaway. Combine perfect weather with friendly people and mouth-watering sea-to-table restaurants. Add in world-class golf and spas, a vibrant music and art scene, and plenty of surf and turf recreation for all ages.

We’ve heard that Anguilla is a very good island for investment? How so?

Anguilla offers several advantages for property investment:

Political stability

  • Anguilla’s legal and institutional framework is modern, practical, flexible and efficient.
  • The country’s role as an offshore finance centre is supported by the international community.
  • United Kingdom overseas territory with a democratic, military-less form of government.

Economic Stability and Reduced Taxes

  • Low fees and no income, corporate, inheritance or sales tax;
  • No currency exchange controls;
  • Statutory guarantees against the imposition of taxes.

Easier Property Management

  • English is the official language.
  • Completely reliable notary and Public Registry system.
  • Judicial and economic security, and public safety.

Expanding Real Estate Sector

  • Major number of new developments oriented towards all social classes.
  • Highly desirable location, paired with good architectural quality and solid construction.
  • Spectacular increase in the demand of properties by foreign investors.
  • Ideal country to retire to, and in which to live, invest or to simply spend a few weeks of vacation and rest.

World Class Tourism Facilities and Projects

  • Developing upscale tourism market.
  • Tax exemption.
  • Great opportunities for tapping into unexplored tourist resources.

What is community life like in Anguilla?

As a developing nation, Anguilla’s community life is expanding rapidly. The island enjoys world-class telecommunications services and a growing infrastructure that includes public and private physicians, internationally accredited medical and dental facilities as well as public and private educational institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

There are many social and sporting clubs and events as well as activities for the entire family that enhance the quality of life on Anguilla. A world class golf club, tennis facilities, a sailing school, dance and theatre groups, music programs, book clubs, continuing education classes, fine arts programs, beautification and environmental clubs, charity groups, Rotary Club, swimming programs, fitness centres, spa and wellness facilities, civic clubs, organized sports leagues (cricket, soccer, basketball, baseball, netball, volleyball) as well as a number of church groups will certainly provide interesting fun-filled activities for you and your family.

In addition, Anguilla’s proximity to its neighboring islands allows residents to enjoy day trips to St. Martin, Sint Maarten and St. Barths.

About Anguilla

Where We Are

Tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla is the most northern island in the Leeward Island chain, less than ten miles north of St. Martin and 200 miles east of Puerto Rico, two of our major gateways.  We are located just a small step off the beaten path, which helps to protect Anguilla’s character and exclusivity while offering travelers convenience in getting here by air or by sea.

From the U.S. East Coast, travelers can leave in the morning and arrive mid-afternoon in time for a swim and to catch the sunset.

Approximately 16 miles East End to West End and 3 miles at its widest point, Anguilla is flat, low-lying and comprised of coral and limestone, covered mostly with rock, sparse scrub, few trees and some salt ponds.  One main road runs through the center of the island, making Anguilla easy to traverse by car in less than a half an hour.

Envied for its pure, pristine white sands and wrapped in brilliant turquoise waters, Anguilla boasts well over 33 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.   Beach access is public, and beaches are uncrowded.

Dusty roads that branch off of the main road lead to quaint villages, majestic hotels,romantic restaurants and, of course, our amazing beaches.


63º East, 18.5º North, Anguilla enjoys warm and sunny days and star-filled nights, with an average temperature of 80ºF and gentle trade wind breezes year round.   Rains typically fall in September and October, but usually not all day; and February through March is the dry season.

Water temperatures range between 70ºF and 80ºF, perfect for swimming.  Most beaches are placid and calm with gentle shoals; occasionally, the Atlantic side of the island can produce some surf. This generally happens in the winter months when swells move off the East Coast of the United States.  Surfers can’t be guaranteed waves, but wind and kite surfers find Anguilla to be heaven.


The people of Anguilla are a great part of what makes our island such a magnificent place.  Gentle and gracious, we take pride in our home and pleasure in sharing it with visitors from around the world. Guests and Anguillians say friendly “hellos” as we encounter each other across the island, and it’s not long before we know each other by name.

On our island we share a reverence for family, love, community and God.  Peace, individualism and a soulful understanding of the joys of life create a home that is warm and welcoming, filled with joy and light.

The island’s rich history and personality is embodied in its culture and heritage. From the ancient Amerindian settlements, through European colonization, to the 1967 revolution, these and other events are woven into the tapestry of Anguillan life today.

A British Overseas Territory, English holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday, Whit Monday and others are celebrated, but English-speaking Anguilla maintains a unique balance of historic influence that helps to create a truly individual island nation.

Culture & History

Around four thousand years ago, the history of our island began. It was then that Amerindian peoples first arrived from South America. Living off the sea and the land, they established farms and villages on Anguilla.

Over the following three thousand years, a succession of tribes and cultures called our island home. One such group was the Arawak people whose deep religious beliefs were based on the sun, moon and two sacred caverns, from where all mankind originated. The caves, Big Springs at Island Harbour, and The Fountain at Shoal Bay, remain to this day. The Fountain cavern is the Eastern Caribbean’s most intact ceremonial site from this period and features petrogylphs, offering bowls, and a stalagmite carved in the likeness of Jocahu, the Supreme Deity of the Arawak people.

In 1650, English settlers arrived and colonized Anguilla. They established plantations where corn and tobacco were grown. The settlement survived for six years until Indians from a neighboring island came and destroyed it.
In 1666, the French temporarily took over the island for a brief period of time.  However, it was returned to Britain the following year under the Treaty of Breda.

By the 1800s Anguilla was thriving as a plantation economy like most of the Caribbean. Rum, sugar, cotton, indigo, fustic and mahogany were its chief exports. Eroding soil and unreliable rainfall made conditions for farming unfavorable. As a result, the size and strength of these plantations dwindled, and fewer people were employed. Eventually, these people established their independence through private proprietorships or by becoming fishermen or sailors.

By 1958, St. Kitts, Nevis, and Anguilla became part of the Federation of the West Indies. This Federation collapsed in 1962 and as a result most of the islands developed individual constitutions. St. Kitts, Nevis, and Anguilla together were made an associated statehood — a political decision that sparked the Anguilla Revolution because Anguilla desired its independence from the state.

May 30, 1967 is celebrated annually as Anguilla Day, commemorating the repulsion of the Royal St. Kitts Police Force from the island. Britain intervened and a peacekeeping committee was established. Debates over Anguilla’s secession continued to be negotiated for over a decade, and on December 19, 1980, Anguilla became a separate Dependent Territory with some measure of autonomy in government.*

Anguillians today celebrate their independence and their heritage of strength, survival, and determination with Church services, uniformed parades, cultural performances and, of course, the traditional round-the-island boat race.

*Adapted from the works of Colville Petty O.B.E and Nik Douglas

Anguilla Events

45th Anniversary of Police Week

A Week of activities and awareness talks throughout the island at the various schools. Concerts, car raffle with dinner & dance to round off the entire week. (Activities start at various times)

20th – 28th January

Miss Talented Teen Pageant

ALHCS Valentines Pageant, hosted at the Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre in the Valley. (8:00 -11:30pm)

February 11th

4th Annual Anguilla Fashion Expo

For those of you who love fashion, design, photography, and beauty, the Anguilla Fashion Expo is a marvelous opportunity to combine all of these aspects in the “Tranquility Wrapped in Blue” of the Caribbean Sea.

Feb 23rd – 26th

Annual Flower and Garden Show

One day of flower displays and competitions on the grounds of Wallblake House. (11:00 am – 6:00 pm)

February 25th

James Ronald Webster Day

Public Holiday: Speeches and tributes to the Father of the Nation (James Ronald Webster) takes place at Old East End School and Grounds. (8:00am – noon)

March 2nd

34th Annual St. Gerard’s Garden Party

Hosted at a venue to be announced, showcasing cuisine from other islands prepared by members of St. Gerard’s congregation; live music and dancing. (6:30 – until)

March 4th

Annual Women’s Week

Features radio interviews with 15 women in the Anguillian community discussing their successes, challenges and ability to stay motivated despite obstacles. Events include an International Women’s Day reception sponsored by Her Excellency, the Governor, Ms. Christina Scott and Women’s Empowerment Luncheon hosted by CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa.

March 5th – 12th

27th Annual Moonsplash Music Festival

Takes place at the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay, normally around the first full moon before Easter. The concerts are hosted by Anguilla’s very own Bankie Banx, featuring internationally-acclaimed and regional recording artists from around the world (8:00 pm – until).

March 9th – 12th

Agricultural Open Day

Sale of local agricultural produce, live-stock displays and demonstrations. Local and regional String Band music. On the grounds of the Agriculture Department.

March TBA

Good Friday

Public Holiday: A day of church services for all denominations throughout the island. (Various times)

April 14th

10th Annual Festival Del Mar

Celebrating all things of the sea in the beautiful fishing village of Island Harbour. Deep Sea Fishing competition, swimming races, crab races and culinary competition, and live string band music are all part of the activities for this two day event. B-Class boatrace on Saturday and A-Class boat race on Sunday (10:00am -6:00pm)

April 15th – 16th

Easter Monday Boat Race

April 17th

Public Holiday: A-Class Egbert Connor Boatrace at Sandy Ground. (2:00pm)


Taste of Anguilla

The Anguilla Culinary team will host a fundraiser at Arleta’s restaurant at Viceroy Anguilla, from 7-10 pm. This event consists of Anguilla’s most celebrated restaurants with drinks from Rum Punches to Mojito. Come out and support the Anguilla National Culinary Team 2017 (7:00 -10:00pm)

Labour Day

Public Holiday: Fun Sports Day amongst Government Departments and Private sector companies. James Ronald Webster Park. (10:00 am until)

May 1st

National Day of Prayer

Marks the beginning of the month-long Anguilla Day Celebrations to commemorate the revolution of 1967. An entire day of prayer at the House of Assembly, churches and other public places throughout the island.

May 4th

Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta

Yacht racing between the regional racing fraternity with a Local B class boatrace normally on the last day of regatta. (Various starting times).

May 12th, 13th & 14th 15th

6th Annual Anguilla Lit Fest: “A Literary Jollification”

Celebrate the literary heritage of Anguilla and find yourself inspired by three days of informative workshops, stimulating seminars and exciting literary presentations by leading authors from America, Canada, the Caribbean and host nation Anguilla, all against the backdrop of Anguilla’s splendid white sand beaches and tranquil turquoise waters.

May 18th -21st

Anguilla Day Celebrations

Public Holiday: The most significant holiday on the Anguillian calendar of events, and culmination of the month-long celebrations to commemorate Anguilla Day.

May 30th

Around-the-Island Boatrace:

featuring A-Class Boats starts and ends in Sandy Ground (10:00am – 6:00pm).

May 31st

Welches Fest

Public Holiday at the ball field in Welches Village, Welches Fest takes place the ball field in Welches Village on the public holiday of Whit Monday each year. Starting at around 5:30 am you can have an old fashioned breakfast of “flour pap” (a type of porridge) to start your day. All things at this fest are of yesteryear, including food, drinks, toys, games and music. 5:30am – 8:00pm.
Whit Monday A Class Boatrace at Sandy Ground.

June 5th

4th Annual Men’s Week

Features radio interviews with 15 men in the Anguillian community discussing their accomplishments, trials and ability to stay encouraged despite hurdles. Events include a Father and Son Prayer Breakfast in recognition of Father’s Day and a Men’s Networking Luncheon hosted by CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa.

June 11th -18th

Celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen

Public Holiday: All uniformed organizations parade at James Ronald Webster Park in the morning and cocktails are served in the evening at Government House to invited guests. A Class Boatrace at Crocus Bay

June 19th

A Village Ting

A cultural Festival held at one of our heritage sites “the Ole East End School” Celebrating games and food of yesteryear

June 19th

Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa Anguilla Open Golf Tournament

June 23rd – 25th

Fisherman’s Day

A seven day celebration in the Caribbean Region of Fisheries, in the honor of St. Peter, a fisherman and Apostle of Jesus Christ. The crowning of ‘Fisherman of the Year.’ The activities climax at the Agriculture Ground where fish dishes and fresh fish can be purchased.

June 24th

16th Annual Miss “Tiny Tott” Pageant

Part of the Pre Summer Festival events. This Pageant takes place at the LBCC for girls ranging from 8-9 years old. A fun evening for the children with Cartoon Characters.

July 16th

Peter Perkins Boatrace

A Class race at Sandy Ground

July 30th

Anguilla Summer Festival

Forty three years of carnival activities by night, and traditional Boatracing by day, pageantry, music and street dancing. (Various starting times at LBCC, and Anguilla’s spectacular beaches). (5:30pm – until).

August 2nd – 13th

South Valley Community Street Fair

Members of the South Valley Community unite and produce a fair with local food, cooking competitions and music. (8:00am-6:00pm)

August 5th

Heineken Boatrace

A & B Class races in Sandy Ground

August 6th

August Monday J’ouvert Morning, Emancipation Day

Caribbean Beach Party (Sandy Ground)
Taking to the streets in the Valley at 4:30 am and reveling to Sandy Ground accompanied by the leading local bands. Then it’s the A & B Class Boatraces and the hottest Caribbean Beach Party. 4:30am -2:00am

August 7th

August Tuesday Boatrace

A Class race from Sandy Ground to Island Harbour

August 8th

NCBA Boatrace

A Class race from Sandy Ground to Blowing Point and back.

August 9th

August Thursday

Public Holiday A day for picnics and family reunions and the ATB-sponsored A & B class Boatraces at Meads Bay, with Live Entertainment. (2:00pm- until).

August 10th

Grand Parade of Troupes (Constitution Day)

Troupes from villages all over the island come together on the last Friday of Summer Festival to parade through the streets of the Valley. Colourful costumes depicting cultural and fantasy themes and the winner of Road March is announced. (1:00-9:00pm)

August 11th

Champion of Champion Boatrace

A & B Class races at Sandy Ground

August 13th

Captains Cup

A Class race at Sandy Ground

August 20th

“Livin in the Sun” Presented by Sandy Island

Deejays from all over the world and region are invited to Anguilla to be a part of a 3 day dance music festival that celebrates “living in the sun”. Day time events will be hosted on Sandy Island from 10am to 4pm, and night time events will be hosted at local Hot Spots by local event partners from 10pm to 4:00am.

November 24th – 26th

International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Championships Games.

Hosted at the Anguilla Tennis Academy.


16 Days of Activism

Includes Gender Affairs Unit events in recognition of promoting social justice and human rights in Anguilla; encouraging community service, eliminating poverty and hunger, and ending all forms of violence and discrimination.

Nov 25th – Dec 10th

Tourism Week

Includes The Valley Street Festival and Taste of the Islands, Church Service, school and industry-wide awareness, educational activities. The event climaxes with the AHTA Grand Gala and Awards banquet.

November 25th

The Valley Street Festival (as part of Tourism Week)

Local vendors, Farmers Association, Scouts and Guides and the Department of Youth & Culture in partnership with the Anguilla Tourist Board bring this event to the area of the Agriculture Grounds with domino, face painting, live music and games. (10:00am-6:00pm).

November 25th

Anguilla’s Optimists Race against Aids

Public awareness initiative to raise awareness and funds for AIDS related services.

November 25th

Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Gala

Gala Event to award Industry Partners, Dinner and dancing. (8:00pm until).

December 1st

5th Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament

Event at the CuisinArt Golf Club Resort & Spa. Sponsored by the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce.

December 10th

Festival De Noel

Competitions and pageants held on the grounds of the Old East End school.

December TBA

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Festival of Lights illuminating the entire Coronation Avenue. Live entertainment fun, games and competitions at the Trough area in the Valley

Dec – Jan TBA

4th Annual South Hill Christmas Experience

A celebration of Christmas traditions and culinary treats next to the South Hill Village Community Rock Oven.

December 12th – 19th

National Hero’s and Heroines’ Day

Public Holiday in the honour of our past and present heroes and heroines of the 1967 Anguilla revolution.
December 19th

Christmas Day

Public Holiday

December 25th

Boxing Day

Public Holiday

December 26th

New Year’s Day

Public Holiday

January 1st

Getting to Anguilla

Anguilla is located in the Eastern Caribbean, (18º North Latitude and 63º West Longitude) just one-hour east of Puerto Rico and seven minutes north of Dutch St. Maarten by air; and just under 30 minutes north from French St. Martin or Dutch St. Maarten by ferry. There are a number of options available for getting to Anguilla. Visitors can fly directly into Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport from Puerto Rico via Seaborne Airlines (which had code sharing arrangements with several international airlines) or opt to fly directly to St. Maarten for easy ferry or air transfer to Anguilla.


There are several options for transfers to Anguilla from Princess Juliana Airport in Dutch St. Maarten.

By Sea From Dutch St Maarten:

Sea Shuttle Service:
A scheduled Sea Shuttle service enables guests to take a shared motor launch from the lagoon near Juliana Airport to Blowing Point Ferry Port in Anguilla without the high price of a private motor launch. The Sea Shuttle will meet main flights from the US and Europe that arrive in the afternoon. There is also a Sea Shuttle available to take guests to St. Maarten to catch their planes. Here are some options.

Private Boat Charter /Motor Launch:

A 25-minute boat ride departs from the nearby lagoon at Princess Juliana Airport and disembarks at the Blowing Point Ferry Port in Anguilla. Guests must first clear Immigration and Customs in St. Maarten and then proceed to Anguilla. Maximum 12 persons per private charter. Here are some options.

The lagoon dock in St. Maarten opens at 8:30am and closes at 6:00pm daily. Due to Dutch regulations in St. Maarten the private boats cannot operate beyond 6pm. After 6pm guests are required to take the 7:00pm ferry from Marigot (French St. Martin) to Anguilla.

By Sea From French St. Martin

Public Ferry to and from St. Martin: The first ferry departs (Blowing Point Ferry Port) Anguilla at 7:30am and (Marigot) St. Martin at 8:15am daily, with boats departing each port at 45 minute intervals. THE LAST FERRY DEPARTS ST. MARTIN AT 7:00PM. Passengers taking the ferry must have their names on the manifest 15 minutes prior to departure. NO ADVANCE RESERVATIONS. The Ferry crossing is approximately 30 minutes between both Islands.

By Air From Dutch St Maarten

Private charters can also be arranged with Anguilla Air Services (264-498-5822)


A valid passport (not expiring during stay in Anguilla) is required by all visitors to Anguilla. Visitors are required to have a return or onward ticket. Additionally, citizens of certain countries will also need entry visa. (Please be sure to enquire if unsure). Green card holders must have a valid green card and valid passport from their country of origin.


Airline reservation websites:

Anguilla Air Services

Seaborne Airlines

What To Do in Anguilla

After hours, Anguilla heats up with the pulsating sounds of the Caribbean.

There’s always a choice of activities on Anguilla…day and night. Lazy beach days to rejuvenate your body and lift your spirit are just the beginning. Tour art galleries and museums, sail away to an offshore cay for a secluded picnic, shop our unique boutiques and gift shops or horseback ride on the beach and in the Caribbean Sea…whatever your energy dictates is available to you on Anguilla and neighboring St. Martin. Each day of your visit can bring a different water sport adventure, or the solo pleasure of a shaded beach chair and that novel you’ve been waiting to read!

Eating is a big part of the Anguilla Experience! Anguilla offers more gourmet restaurants per square mile than New York City! Gastronomic pleasures abound on this 35 square mile island, from beach and road side fare to 5 star restaurants. Anguilla Dining

After hours, Anguilla heats up with the pulsating sounds of the Caribbean. Reggae, soca and calypso can be heard pumping out from a number of local bars and nightclubs on weekends and throughout the week.  Anguilla’s nightlife can be best described as laid back fun where locals mix easily with visitors to create an unforgettable experience.  Be sure to learn how to dance island style!

And as the day melts into night, watch one of Anguilla’s spectacular sunsets unfold from the privacy and comfort of one of the many outdoor settings at Tranquility Beach Anguilla

Anguilla Beaches

Whichever beach you choose as your favourite, you can be sure that all of Anguilla’s beaches will rejuvenate your soul.

Anguilla is, simply put, a beach lover’s paradise!  Voted the best beaches in the world by The Travel Channel, Anguilla boasts 33 powder white, stunning beaches, each with its own personality and appeal.  Whether you are in the mood to snorkel, paddle-board, kite-surf, swim, splash, float, shell or hike, there’s a stretch of sand waiting for you.

When you own at Tranquility Beach Anguilla, you don’t have to go far.  One of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Meads Bay, is your front yard. Home to Anguilla’s most prestigious resorts and spas, this pristine ribbon of white sand beckons you to bask, play and swim during the day and offers fiery sunsets every night.

Shoal Bay East, about 10 minutes drive away is dotted with hotels, bars and restaurants, all backed by breathtaking views.  Be sure to bring your camera!

For beach-strollers, Rendezvous Bay beach offers two miles of pure joy, while Island Harbour beach gives visitors a chance to purchase fresh fish and lobster from local fisherman right off the pier!


Anguilla Dining

Eating is a big part of the Anguilla Experience! Anguilla offers more gourmet restaurants per square mile than New York City! Gastronomic pleasures abound on this 35 square mile island, from beach and road side fare to 5 star restaurants.

Favorites include VEYA, The Cafe at VEYA, Ripples, Roy’s Bayside Grill, Barrel Stay Restaurant, Sandbar,Dolce Vita, Johnno’s Beach Stop, The Pumphouse and Elvis Beach Bar, Corner Bar Pizza, Tasty’s, E’s Oven and Davida’s.

From Continental to French, American to Caribbean, Thai to Italian, Anguilla’s restaurants are sure to please every palate. Other guest favourites include Luna Rosa, Straw Hat, SandBar, Davida’s, Hibernia, Jacala, Koal Keel, Blue, Pimms, Trattoria Tramonto, Blanchard’s, Gwen’s Reggae Grill, Oliver’s and Klassique Café.