Limin’ Boutique is Now Open at Tranquility Beach Anguilla on Meads Bay Beach!

We are excited to welcome our friends Ken and Renee Reinl as they open their Trip Advisor top-rated Anguilla boutique, Limin’ Boutique, at Tranquility Beach Anguilla on Meads Bay Beach.  Limin’ opens today, December 31st at 10 am and our resort will begin hosting guests starting January 15, 2020. Visit to reserve vacation dates or to explore ownership.

“Our dream location has always been Meads Bay,” said Ken. “Tranquility Beach is in the perfect location right in the center of Meads Bay, which is truly tranquil with stunningly gorgeous views. During our first vacation to Anguilla in 1994 we stayed on Meads Bay.  We were enamored by Meads Bay’s beauty and came back 27 times prior to finally moving to the island.  Meads Bay feels like home to us.” 

Pronounced Lime-In, Limin’ means to socialize in a relaxing and informal environment, especially with family and friends.  That was the lifestyle the couple was seeking in 2013 when they left Pennsylvania and their careers in healthcare and ice hockey arena management, moved to Anguilla, taught themselves the retail business from the ground up, and launched their boutique in its original West End Main Road location. The store’s beachy vibe is a nod to their favorite seaside shops found in coastal communities like Nantucket in the Northeastern United States. Hurricane Irma shuttered the business temporarily in 2017, but it was re-built and re-opened in March 2018. Later the building where Limin’ was housed was sold and the new landlords wanted the store’s space to expand their own business.  At the same time, Tranquility Beach Anguilla was preparing to open and was seeking a retail tenant, creating an ideal opportunity for the two businesses to work together.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Limin’ Boutique! We could not have found a better retail partner to complement the unbeatable Meads Bay Beach location, fine accommodations and warm hospitality experience that guests can look forward to at Tranquility Beach Anguilla,” said Janine Edwards, Director of Administration and Marketing for Sunset Homes Anguilla and one of the owners/developers.  “When you meet Ken and Renee you are immediately struck by their warmth and love for Anguilla. Over the years, Limin’ Boutique has always been a personal choice for where to find a meaningful memento or gift for my family and friends and I know our Tranquility Beach Anguilla guests will feel the same way. Ken and Renee have an obvious talent and genuine passion for curating and creating unique items that celebrate the island and are exactly what customers desire.”

Limin’ has been named a Top Boutique on Trip Advisor since 2015.  According to Renee, Limin’ meticulously sources and designs one-of-a-kind gifts for guests that “Will carry memories of their much-anticipated trips to Anguilla.”. This may include curating a beautiful silk scarf bearing an abstract image of the island; working with sand artists at Dune Jewelry, the original sand jewelry, to craft custom sterling silver jewelry and accessories adorned with sand from the island’s beaches so travelers can take a bit of Anguilla home with them; or paying homage to Anguilla’s national past-time of boat racing through wine and tote bags fashioned from retired sails. Locally hand-made colorful and scented soaps by Cari Bella and candles from Caribbean Soaps & Sundries, stylish beach wear including apparel designed in Bali, beach and chic Italian Mela jewelry embellished with Baroque and Tahitian pearls and Italian crystals on organic linen or silk, hand-painted holiday ornaments and imprinted marble coasters by local artists commemorating iconic Anguilla sites and scenes, and many other treasures are also available to capture the fancy of patrons and remind them of their time “limin’” in paradise.

Regular store hours are 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday.  VISA and MasterCard are accepted.  In addition to its collection, the boutique provides corporate, wedding and other celebratory gift services, and will carry sundries, such as sunscreen.  Limin’ will ship to the United States and Canada, depending on item and shipping cost, and often arranges to have vendors ship orders directly to clients. More information is available on their website at and Facebook at  Or contact the owners at 1-264-583-3733 or

“It is an honor to be a part of a property designed and built by award-winning master architectural designer and developer Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, with a team lead by Janine Edwards and her impressive in-depth tourism experience,” said Renee. “We look forward to joining the Meads Bay community and delighting Tranquility Beach Anguilla guests, as well as beachgoers, our friends and colleagues in Anguilla, and our thousands of loyal customers from around the world.”

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