Site Open To Visitors

Meads Bay’s luxury real estate development, Tranquility Beach’s first phase, Signature Suites is getting mobilized!

meads bay blue as seen from tranquility beach anguilla

By Ian “Sugar George” Edwards of Sunset Homes and Neil Freeman of Aries Capital, Tranquility Beach is now open for site visits and tours.

cleared land at tranquility beach meads bay

The developers have cleared the land. (For the exact plot of land that will comprise Phase 1 of Tranquility Beach, see the photo below.)

cleared land at tranquility beach

A new site office now stands on the excavated land…


tranquility beach sales trailer on meads bay

And, keep an eye open for the newly erected Tranquility Beach sign right on Meads Bay, just three doors down from Jacala.

new tranquility beach sign on meads bay

A white sand beach that drops off into an infinite gradient of blue, Anguilla’s Meads is a Caribbean “best.” To call Meads Bay home is to dream…

meads bay at tranquility beach

To make dreaming a reality, make an inquiry and/or to schedule a visit at Tranquility Beach’s office, call: 264-235-3666, 264-235-7667, 264-497-3666